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Nov 9, 2013 2:45pm EST
to inspire me. when you teach a lecture class you don't know who was sitting out there and it turns out this extraordinarily talented young writer that i would be later without knowing she is a student in the class. figure. >> host: i wanted her to ask about the introduction of the way she brings the women onto the page. >> guest: i will find my way around. new york back in san they came. one came as a child brought by immigrant parents the other as a live-in seeking freedom if they were shaped by the city with the movement of their bodies and they walk and listen they dance and then they came. new york told them anything was possible with new boundaries. although the city welcome them as residents there were not always received with enthusiasm so and some point they all lived in harlem board of the migration of black people from the caribbean and american south the anti-black fallen -- violence erupted in the entrepreneurialism energies. harlem. raise capital the immigrants daughter moved to another neighborhood in brooklyn. harlem, who wanted to live anywhere else? but they would like
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1